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The Best Market Place to Do Shopping Indian Wedding Dresses in Delhi

The wedding is a great event in one's life. Everybody looks excited on the matter of wedding. Wedding Dress is most crucial part of the ceremony. Nowadays the brides and groom also are very conscious about their dresses. For the most special life event, everyone wants to look like king/ queen. Delhi is a preferable wedding dress destination for all.

Some best places for Indian wedding dresses in Delhi:

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is the most eminent area in Delhi for bridal dresses. From the very ancient time Karol Bagh is famous for their wedding clothes. The area once famous for their reasonable price but nowadays the exquisite bridal pieces cost lakh of rupees. A good bridal lehenga costs start from 25,000 and goes up to 3.5 lakhs. Shops like New Handloom Emporium, Meena Bazar (40 minutes from Shahpur Jat), Chhabra 555, Satya Paul, Frontier Raas and Frontier bazaar offers gorgeous bridal collections.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is the most crowded and congested area in Delhi but famous for its reasonable price. You can get a miscellaneous range of collection on lehengas. The shopkeepers are very understanding and cooperative in nature. They will help you to find out your own choice according to your budget. They are going to aware you about the latest fashion trends. Shop like Anarkali Bazar makes their lehengas inspired by Bollywood pieces.

Designer Wear

If you are savvy for designers, wear but your pocket does not permit your dreams then you must visit in this area of Delhi. Some small independent designer works here, and you will get a lot of variety on it, and the collections are just breathtaking. You can get plenty of designers in Shahpur Jat, Greater Kailash 1 & 2 (M and N Block Market). Bhumika Grover is a fashion designer from Shahpur Jat, has recently launched her new bridal collection, a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Hauz Khas village

Hauz Khas village is a bohemian market where you get several boutiques. The charming alley offers a wonderful shopping experience. You will get stunning lehengas in these boutiques with a few expensive sides. The distance from Shahpur Jat to Hauz Khas village is 1.7 km only.

South Extension

If your budget is upwards 70k, Frontier Raas is the right place for you. It has an excellent collection of bridal wears. Heritage is a shop in the south extension that has exquisitely classy options. Multi-designer store like Samsaara is a great option for you.

Lajpat Nagar

From light to heavy lehengas and accessories you will get in Lajpat Nagar. Generally, the price starts from 40,000. Stores like Kapil & Mmonika, Libas, Malhotra's, CTC Plaza and Shakuntalam are very famous in Lajpat Nagar.

Defence Colony

If you are not like to wear bridal sarees and lehengas, then you must visit the defence colony. The special item named 'Nalli sarees' are the expensive ones. The area is coming up as a posh hub. It took only 14 minutes from Shahpur Jat.

Some others like GIP Mall in Noida and the Bridal shows and exhibition are the great place for wedding shopping.

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Top 5 boutiques of SPJ

Shahpur Jat is almost like a village in its ruins but is house to the budding amateur designers who are doing great work in the world of fashion. The main area of the designers is commonly known as the JUNGI HOUSE. But there are people with limited knowledge about SPJ, who find it difficult to make proper choice from the vast number of shops scattered in the market. to make their shopping easy, here is a list of the top boutiques you will come across in this market zone of the capital city, Delhi.

Monika and Nidhi

Better known for its lighter occasion outfits, Shahpur Jat store Monica & Nidhi houses amazing designs of Indian silhouettes. Their range of floor length anarkali-gowns and lehenga sarees are considered perfect for lighter occasions as well as is apt for the bride's sisters and friends to wear for wedding invitation. The apparel ranges start from a price worth Rs 18000 and above.

Bhumika Grover

Bhumika Grover, one of the leading designers of the fashion industry; is well known for her splendid collection of anarkalis with a starting price of Rs 25000. The pastel pink anarkali with a chikan embroidery work all over the bodice along with a silver waist band is a must of the bride's sister. You will love the collection that she has got for you and cannot leave the store without grabbing one from the plethora of designs dangling in front of your eyes.

1600 AD

1600 AD is a well-known boutique of Shahpur Jat that has a really edgy sort of sinister looking clothes. This boutique is famous for its concept sarees and gowns which are nice to wear with a sense of fashion ahead. A navy blue saree with black and plain thread work all over the nine yard length will surely drag your attention that you won't like to miss. The ranges here start from 30 K and go upward. All the products are made from durable material ensuring a long lasting "paisa wasool"use.

Kaira loves cute style

If you are a lover of neon and bright colors, then you have surely made a right choice opting for Kaira as your shopping destination. This apparel outlet has got some uber and bright colors that you had been looking for all the while. The bright color lightweight lehengas is a perfect choice for the bride's friends. Even the bride can choose one to wear for her mehendi ceremony. Outside the JUNGI HOUSE, you can also make a choice to make a worth buying from stores like Madsam Tinzin, House of fashion from Preeti S Kapoor, Agunj, House of Ombre, NIkasha and many more. This shopping zone of the capital city is one of the favorite places for shoppers and if you are a bride, awaiting your marriage; it a recommended shopping destination for you and your mates to make a single from the array of styles, colors and designs offered by this place. Get a place for this shopping destination in your wardrobe available at a pocket fitting budget.

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Top Summer Collections in India of 2016

Fall summer and there starts fashion weeks of ace fashion designers of the country. Every year the top notch designers bring out their own created merchandise and do shows to promote their designs. They invite the top celebrities as showstoppers to endorse their products, and that becomes the sensation of the country nationwide. Media and television help the general crowd to remain updated about what is happening in the fashion world. Brands like Forever New India create new and fashionable designs every year that come into the limelight through fashion shows. Here is a list of summer collections in 2016 given and you can have a look at this.

Summer Trends

Summer wears are stylish, glamorous and at the same time minimalistic and comfortable. Designers create subtle and earthen colors with compact designs that meet the appetite of a high-class fashionista. Forever New will provide you with the latest trends and a huge summer collection to choose from.


Women's Collection

Among the women's collection for summer, there are beautiful tunics that are layered with basic colors like white and has floral motif designs made all over. The floral patterns create a soothing effect on nature and give you a flawless look. Apart from tunics, there are skirts of varying length and types that are in this summer. Skirts vary from a pencil skirt to flowing long skirts. Fabrics also vary from satins to sequin embroidered with intricate designs. Some top notch designers are also creating designs from hand woven materials that look very traditional and ethnic. Forever New is such a brand that creates modern designs.


Indian women prefer sarees (more) to keep their ethnicity intact. Banarasi sarees with brocade designs and jute sackcloth has stormed the fashion world lately and has been among the favorite collection of summer wears this season. As for the traditional embroidered blouses (click here), you can also match the sarees with matching crop tops and summer jackets over the sarees. Instead of draping the saree in pleats like the old Indian tradition you can also drape the saree like a gown and look stunning and beautiful. Sarees can also be worn in a dhoti style that looks very different from the original way of wearing sarees in pleats.


For comfortable wear kurtas along with the bandhgala are also emerging as a modern way of showcasing one's ethnicity. Chikankari work – a form of ethnic embroidery made on the short kurtas look beautiful and classy with the hint of woven craftsmanship that maintains the Indian tradition from all respects.

Smart Tops

Crop tops paired with palazzo pants are also selling high in Indian fashion market. At Forever New, you will get trendy tops from top notch designers. Beautiful embroidered tops look very cool with the loose palazzo pants that impart style along with the cozy comfort that you want when going out under the blazing sun and the scorching heat outside.


Jeans is one of the most popular outfits for the recent era. It offers a great casual look. However, there was a period when the jeans were used only by the fashion forward people in the western countries. When you would go for the jeans in the market, you can find many brands among which the Levis jeans are best. Levis is the brand which introduced the particular outfit in the world. It was founded by Levis Strauss in the year of 1853 and since then it is one of the best brands of jeans. You can find the best collection of men's and women's Levis jeans. The brand has become now an iconic name in the fashion world.

The modern versions and their legends

When you would go through the history of the jeans, you can find that at the pat the fabrics were very rough and tough, and that is why the products were easy to use. The jeans were used to wear by the working people of the western countries because these were easy to maintain. Now come to the modern version. You can get now different kinds of fabrics which are classified for different purposes. The Levis jeans were first introduced in the western part of America and after the 1930s, it spread to the eastern zone of the world. During the time of the World War II, the use of denim became mandatory in the defense field. How interesting it is. We never thought of the history of something. The type of the jeans has been changed, but the use has increased.

The best fabric

Why would you go for the Levis products? There are so many brands which also offer huge collection. However, there is no such brand that has that much of experience in this field. The fabrics used in the Levis jeans are best among all. You can get the products for both the daily use purpose and used at the occasions. The most preferred fabric is the blue denims which add an extra smartness to you. You would be able to find the jeans from all categories depending on the fabrics and corresponding price. The Levis is not only meant for the male outfits,but it has also already stepped in the female sector.

The different shades

Have you ever heard about the stone washed jeans? It is one of the experimental shades from the Levis. It is alegend in this field. Here you can get most of all popular and unconventional shades of the jeans, and you can make yourself the fashion icon with the delightful shades. Levis started the stone washing and still it is continuing that. The different shades of the jeans are available from the huge collection at the most reasonable price.

You can get the jeans of perfect size

Are you worried about the comfort of the jeans? It is very important to choose the jeans of proper size and shape to get the ultimate comfort. Levis offers the perfect collection of the jeans of different sizes and shapes, and you can easily find the proper one for you.
Zara Retail to Give You What You Need in Your Fashion World

Indians are obsessed with clothes and garments. There are many fashion enthusiasts in the country, and most of them are always on the lookout for top quality clothes and specific garments.

And, when you are in India, you will be spoilt for choices. That's because the country is full of top quality cloth stores and garment shops. If you just take a walk or go for a stroll at any market of the country, then you'd easily be able to understand the country's love and affection for clothes.

Zara to steal the show

For a long time, Indians have been looking to cling on to a brand that can provide them with everything. Many brands and companies have come, but most of them have failed to satisfy the fashionable needs of the Indian customers. That's the reason why people are clinging on to the hope which Zara India will probably be providing to them. Zara will surely give all the Indians hope when it comes to their shopping needs. Zara is, of course, an international brand with a worldwide reputation.

Zara has the clothes that are designed and made by the best designers in the world. One can easily get all types of clothes from them. If you simply take a look at Zara's website, you'd understand why we are so enthusiast about their entry in India. You will simply be mind blown by the plethora of options that you'd get from them.

The company's trust

One great thing about brands is that you'd always find tons of choices and options with them. They always create, make, and designers clothes that are of course contemporary but are also rare in nature. You can always find uniqueness in their products, and that's the reason why companies like Zara always make sure that you get the best things. They, in fact, do things that only top companies would do just to provide fantastic customer satisfaction and customer retention. For example, Zara provides top quality options, attires, dresses, clothes and experience to a customer.

Apart from that, they also provide reasonable prices, great discounts and fantastic customer support to all their shoppers. If you ever want to buy clothes from any shop or store, then you can simply give Zara a chance. They will never disappoint you in any way.

The options are infinite

If does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, you will always find tons of options if you are at Zara. Zara will provide you all the exclusivity that one would look for in clothes. From contemporary western clothes to funky party wear clothes. Zara India will make sure that you have the best things in your folds.

Apart from that, it does not matter whether you want to shop for casuals or for formals; you can easily get all types of clothes and garments at Zara. Apart from the options, the products, and the clothes that you'd buy from Zara will always be of international and foreign standards. So what are you waiting for?


When it is talked about the fashion of men, there are not more varieties available in the market like the women's outfits. T-shirts are the items which overruled the statement. It is one of the modern fashionable outfits for the men. Nowadays most of the men prefer to wear the T-shirts even at their offices. It can be put on both in formal and informal occasions. The T-shirts are becoming more and more popular for some basic features. These are comfortable, easy to carry and these have lots of varieties in respect to the colours and designs. Levi's India offers a huge collection of modern and updated designs on T-shirt. Let's take a look on the tips to buy the T-shirts and the outfits for the summer.

The selection of perfect T-shirt for men

There are many manufacturers who offer best quality of T-shirts in the market. Levi's India is one of them. There are huge collections of the T-shirts which vary in colour, design, form factor, materials, and so on. That is why it is important to select the perfect T-shirt and the summer cools offered by the companies properly. The customer should have to look for the perfect size and shape of the shirts so that it would be commensurate to his physique and personality. The first step to select the T-shirts is the selection of proper size. Then the materials, type of neckline, and so on come in the list.

Selection of proper size

It has already been mentioned that the use of T-shirts has increased because these are easy to carry and comfortable. That is why it is being continuously suggested that the customer should know the size properly before going to buy the T-shirts. There are many manufacturers who insist the customers to take the T-shirts of lower or higher size as they do not have the proper one and the customer takes it. It is experienced always that the T-shirt or the shirts of summer are not comfortable when these are bought of wrong size. Therefore the first and foremost suggestion is to select the T-shirt of proper size. Otherwise it would look bad also. When the shirt is quite large then it seems hanging from a hanger. Is it accepted? In Levi's India there are huge collections of T-shirts from all sizes. The customer would not have to go for the wrong one.

The size of the casual summer shirts

Now let's move to the summer shirt section. Why would a customer buy a summer Shirts? He would take it to get relaxed in the summer season. That is why there is a slight difference in choosing the summer shirts from that of the T-shirts. When a customer would go to buy a summer shirt, he should look for the shirt of a little bit larger than the regular formal shirts. These shirts are not supposed to be used in the formal occasions. The little larger summer shirts would give the relaxation in the summer season. It is suggested that the shirts should be half inch extra in the shoulder area and an inch larger in the waist area so that the owner would get relaxed in the hot season.

Party Wear Designer Lehengas in Chandni Chowk

Nowadays innovations are done in every sectors and field, so it is for fashion. The fashion designers are constantly pursuing new designs and trends to make attires trendy and unique. One of the best examples of these experiments is designer Lehengas.This attire is predominant in the market. This fashion has grabbed the market with utter popularity. If you are in Delhi, then you can explore some of the best designer lehengas at Ram Chandra Krishan Chandra, Chandni Chowk. These lehengas will definitely blow you mind. It is the best attire for women to suit any occasion or party.

Simplicity and elegance

Normally women do not find the perfect attire to make themselves look different at the party. In such cases, designer lehengas happen to be the savior. This dress has transformed the traditional attire into a trendy one. You will not feel like choosing any other dress once you have explored the beauty of this dress. It is very simple yet elegant in outlook. For years, women of every age and shape have chosen this attire to suit their personality. If you are searching for the perfect attire too then you can surely try out designer lehengas.

Exquisite designs to make you look unique

Designer lehengas are so called because of its exquisite designs. It is the best part of this attire. The charming and fascinating designs of this dress makes women drool. Designs are mostly made of beads, stones, sequins and others. Along with this, the bright embroidery works make it very unique. The specialty of designer lehengas is its trendy pattern and cuts. This has made the dress very different from others. This cuts and patterns give this dress a modern and stylish look. It is the reason that has made the traditional attire a trendy one. This can be worn on any occasion or party and can make your appearance unique.

Vibrant mixture of colors

Another interesting quality of this attire is the vibrant use of colors. You cannot take your eyes off them once you have explored the color. There are various mixtures of different colors such as blue, green, mauve, yellow and lots of others. The beauty of this dress can hardly be ignored. If you want the best designer lehengas, then you can surely choose from Ram Chandra Krishan Chandra. The abundant options over here will never disappoint you. You are bound to get the perfect lehengas from here, which can make your party memorable.

Bring out the hidden charm

Designer lehengas can increase your charm. This attire is perfect for women of every age. If you are looking for best party wear, then it has to be designer lehengas.The beauty of this dress outshines the beauty of any other dress. Bring out the hidden charm in you with the best designer lehengas.You can choose affordable products from here. No other dress can give you the charm as this dress. Therefore, you should not give any second thought to choosing designer lehengas for you. It is the best attire to suit the beauty of a woman.

Why to Use Handwoven Cotton & Silk Sarees

You have been a fan of the Indian garments. Among them, the best one is surely saree. They are ideally the best apparel for all the Indian ladies since the best of their beauty is depicted with a saree. There are different things to be checked in a saree, and one among them is the quality of it. Cotton Sarees are excellent to wear, for the comfort factor it adds with you. However, silk sarees are preferred by all the Indian Women, for the gorgeous appearance of them. When they are handwoven, the sarees become even more glamorous. Are you really looking for those? Then you must know the special features of those sarees.

The right choice of art

India is a land of arts. Different part of the nation exposes themselves with regional arts, which are bound to make you spellbound. The handwoven sarees exactly depict those regional arts. Get a Kanchipuram Silk that has been handwoven and you will find the arts of Kerala, shown in them. The same goes with the silk sarees of Rajasthan. Among the cotton sarees, there are excellent designs from different parts of Bengal and Odisha. Vishal Rajasthan Emporium provides an exceptional stock and standard of the sarees. So, you can well get to the store and find the best handwoven silk and cotton sarees.

Find your dream come true

Handwoven sarees are not those products where the best arts are woven. Your dream is woven there in the form of arts. They are customized with rare beauty so that you can find your dream image in front of you. Don't you think that you must look special in any party or any type of occasion? Here is the easiest way to find that beauty. Go through the quality cotton sarees that will look best for you. This is one of the specialities that you will find in the handwoven sarees.

Explore the unique designs

The costliest sarees are usually printed on machines. Thus, you can well understand that more than one piece of same design comes out. You are different and hence you need a different dress up. Get to the Vishal Rajasthan Emporium and find the ideal designs for you. You will get handwoven sarees, both in silk and cotton. They are unique pieces, whose duplicates are not made. So, one piece is there in the store, only for you. Get the dream design with ultimate quality and art show, which has been made only for you.

Latest Designer and Trendy Wedding Lehenga for 2016

Lehenga is the one of the finest and usually preferred outfit for a wedding. It is the traditional outfit of south Asians and is in the form of long skirt which is slightly wider at the bottom and embroidery. It has the trend of south Asians who custom to attire lehenga on their wedding. It bounces a gorgeous and fashionable stare at the bride on her wedding day.

In Indian, bridal lehenga has not been the apparel only on the wedding day but also an apparel on further occasions like on Diwali, engagement, and on supplementary festivals. Designer's usage to brand wedding lehengas in changed pattern and style with marvelous embroideries and designs on it. This Wedding lehenga bounces the attractive and charming appearance and presence to bride on the superior day of their wedding.

Don't forget while shopping, check coupons and deals too:

The wedding lehenga originates with changed outfits, and it is further in the mandate of Indian girls and women's for exhausting occasionally. This trend of wedding lehenga includes:

Lehenga with Trail: Trail offers a glamour look really like a couture lehenga and adds richness to a designer lehenga. Lehenga with trail appears stylish and fancy thus give a different outfit to bride.

Ombre Lehenga: Ombre lehenga is the one of the latest trends in this wedding season, and added in demand and stretch changed outfit and look to women. It has embroidery on its bottom and to some extent on the upper portion and has a dupatta and choli with it that provides a glamour look and increase your beauty.

Anarkali Lehenga: Anarkali lehenga is the superlative designs, in which the choli is stitched with long Anarkali that drive down to the length of the lehenga.

Jacket Lehenga: This design of lehenga involve of jacket above lehenga in place of choli, or it may be sheer it to wear over choli. The jacket might be profuse. This outfit styles you to look different from further and stretch gorgeous look to your personality.

Lehenga Embellished with Mirror and crystal: Embellished Lehenga designs that have fully roofed with mirror and crystal work on it with no embroideries. This is entirely a changed from further wedding lehenga.

Gota Patti Border: Gota border has been in fashion, lehenga design have fully embroidered with a golden border of Gota Patti. Both Narrow and wide borders are in demand in this wedding season. Gota border embroidery gives a trendy and traditional look to lehenga.

Long Sleeves: Long sleeves lehenga are the extra style of wedding lehengas that are caring in a winter wedding. In this style, here is an embroidery work is to be done on worse or lowest quota of sleeves that yield abode of bangles.

Bundhgala choli and kurta lehenga: This style of lehenga has fully neck covered choli and is appropriate for a winter wedding. This outfit bounces a trendiness and professionalism to your appearance.

Velvet: Velvet lehenga is exhausting intensely in wedding times. It looks to be actual heavy than further lehenga pattern. It emanates with velvet choli and silk lehengas consuming velvet patchwork on it.

Contrast Border: Contrast Border lehenga emanates in twice color over its border. That brand you to seem with dissimilar color and gorgeous.

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Where to buy daily wear sarees?

There are very few dresses for women, which are as good as sarees. Sarees are best for complimenting the beauty of a woman. No other dress can be as beautiful as the sarees. There are various designer sarees available in the market, which comes at an affordable price and makes a woman look extraordinary. However, these sarees cannot be worn as regular wears or daily wears. This is because the designs of the designer sarees are too gorgeous and cannot be worn for normal use. For this reason, you need to buy the appropriate sarees for daily use.

Things to know before choosing

If you want to choose the sarees for daily use, then the right option for you would be to choose the cotton sarees. If you want to choose some best cotton sarees, then you can visit the market of Lajpat Nagar Delhi. Here you will find some of the trendy cotton sarees for daily use. These sarees are perfect for any simple occasion as well as for regular use. The cotton sarees are best for daily usage. However, there are few factors that you must remember before choosing your cotton sarees for regular use. Some of the factors are here below:

  • ØColor: As you are choosing the saree for daily use then you must remember one thing that your choice of color should be judicious. You should not choose any glossy color because sarees for normal use should not be too gorgeous. Normally cotton sarees come with simple and soothing colors. You must choose simple and pleasurable colors for your saree.
  • ØDesign: While choosing your saree you must remember to choose the simple designs. When you are choosing the sarees for daily use, then there is no point n choosing gorgeous designs and patterns. You can go for a light combination of designs. Normally the daily usage sarees comes with simple patterns, so you must remember to choose the right design for you.
  • ØComfort: This is the factor that you do not have to worry about. The cotton sarees are best known for its comfort. When you are buying the saree for regular use, then the comfort factor will always be on the top. With the best quality, you will get the best comfort, and there is no doubt about it.

These are few essential factors that you must consider while choosing your sarees for regular use.

Do not worry

However if you are choosing your options from the best market like Lajpat Nagar, then you do not have to worry at all about its quality. This is the best place to buy the sarees for daily usage. You can easily come here and choose your options from the multiple options. This place is undoubtedly the best place for shopping. Here you will always get the best product at best price. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about finding the right destination for buying your sarees. This destination is right there for you to provide you best shopping experience.

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Top Fashion Trends in India, which never get older

Fashion is always changing and evolving. In some cases, the old fashions or the retro styles come back to the fashion trends and in some cases, they come back after era of disappearance. However, there are also some trends that are always contemporary and stay in fashion forever. These are often preferred by the men as well as women to be worn. This is because, those, who do not have a keen sense of fashion and do not understand what is in fashion and what is out of trend, can be relieved with the traditional garments. This gives them the peace of mind that what they are wearing is not out of style.

Here are some of the most popular fashion trends that will always stay in.

Little Black Dress:

This classic and traditional dressing idea is something that is very beautiful, elegant and chic. Be it a strapless dress or a spaghetti strapped dress, be it a boat neck or a V-neck, they always make a girl look extremely feminine. Suitable for every formal and semi-formal occasion, these LBDs have always been in fashion and will always be. However, many are replacing the solid black with patterns and other bright or pastel colours. But the short dresses will remain the same.

White shirt and blue denim:

If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated look for yourself, this is something that you must try. Suitable even for casual occasions and events, this complete look is very classy. Whether you want to club accessories and high heels or boots with them or you want to go the Bohemian style with baggy shirts, you will be able to create your own version of this classy look.

Casuals are in and always will be:

You might think that the jeans and T shirts are very boring and they would not stay in fashion. However, the fact is that the rompers, jumpsuits, dungarees and other garments have come and gone. But the jeans and T shirts have been there since time immemorial and they will always be in fashion. All that you need to make sure is that you choose a store that offers you the T shirts with latest prints, designs and cuts. Levis Jeans is one brand that is renowned for their denim jeans and T shirts. The prints of their T shirts keep updating according to the fashion trends.

The reason why kurtas are so widely available and bought by girls

Delhi is a city of Dilwale. People here are always cheerful, fun to hang out with and absolutely protective of their city's heritage and class. That's the reason why, here, people also love to wear ethnic and traditional clothes. There are thousands of reasons why traditional clothes are awesome, and today we will cover some of the reasons.

Kurtis for the girls

When we are talking about traditional clothes, how can we forget about kurtis? Now kurtas are just like salwaars. However, they are deemed as quite contemporary in nature. Kurtis are said to be very classy, elegant, royal and exquisite in nature. And, that's the reason why girls of Delhi love to wear it. kurtis have the power to bring out the best of a girl, as it allows them to flaunt their style easily.

So, by further not wasting time, let us check out the benefits of and the reasons for wearing kurtas.

They are cool in nature

Unlike salwar suits, kurtas are deemed quite cool by the fashion enthusiasts. One can easily wear them at all types of occasions and events. The kurtas are so ubiquitous these days that one can easily spot them on girls at offices, colleges and at hangout places.

Girls love wearing kurtas for its contemporary looks and sober styling. They essentially provide a very authentic trend to a girl's wardrobe. There are several kurti options at places like Pantaloons in Delhi.

Kurtis are comfortable to wear

Now there are several reasons why girls do not like wearing sarees, salwar and suits all the time. Most of them are quite uncomfortable to wear. For example, in the heat of Delhi, it is always difficult to wear sarees all the time. And, during the winter sessions of the city, you'd find it very impractical to wear a salwar suit.

Kurtis can easily blend during the summers, and with a jacket, it can also be used in the winters. That's the reason why kurtis are always omnipresent. One can easily use and wear kurtas at offices and at other places with glamour and trend.

Kurtis make a statement

Kurtis depict freedom and individuality along with tradition and culture. It is one of the best blends that you can ever get from attire. Kurti is always a smart choice to select from and that's the reason why girls love to use it.

Apart from that, kurtis also come in various styles, designs, patterns and colours. This makes the whole concept even more appealing and contrasting.

Kurtis can be worn with anything

Another great aspect about kurtis is that it can be worn with anything. It does not matter whether you have jeans or a trouser underneath; you can easily don a kurti over the top.

Kurtis especially look very vibrant and cool with jeans. If you wear a maroon or a black coloured kurti and wear blue or light blue jeans along with it, you'd look absolutely stunning.

You can buy these types of combos at places like Pantaloons in India.
Why shopping at Forever 21 India

There are many fast fashion retailers where everyone likes to do their shopping as one likes to do. And forever 21 India is one of those retailers where it is quite a difficult task to ignore the items. You cannot walk out the store without liking any of their items. The appealing designer's items and other things that are colorfully organized in the store will surely attract you to get the best of their store. And on the top you will never feel any guiltiness on buying or spending some extra pounds on their items. And it is the magical mystery of Forever 21.

Various reasons for buying at these stores

Shopping at Forever 21 has multiple reasons to support. The first and foremost one is to get the best designer's dress material in a quite cheap rate. Naturally, the questions arise that how is it possible for them to offer such a high discount to their customers? The manufacturing process at the Forever 21 India is quite an inexpensive process which overall decrease the rate of the items.

Check the details before choosing from all

But while you are checking the items like the dresses then some points have to be noticed. Following are some tips and guides for the shoppers who may be a new customer at Forever 21.

Are you interested in dresses with ruffles? Then it is a good idea to check if the ruffles are folded at the back side so that you don't get any other dark outlines at the sewing place. Thus the folded sew will give a smooth look of the dress.

When the sleeves of the dress are of different material then just check whether it is banded hem or sleeve. If it is so then avoid buying it as they are not of good quality. And also they are not as much as durable than the other stitching type.

When you buying some attractive skirts for you then it must be keep in mind that the skirts need to be relined as they are much safer and also of good quality. Relinened skirts are of much more durable than those which are not. Skirts materials are often tend to wrinkle out so opt for the material which will not wrinkle out and that would give you the straight look for longer time. also avoid the pleated skirts as it takes a too much time factor while ironing them at the house before bringing its clean look.

And opting for the denims can sometimes be deceiving. Don't choose the denim colored. Dig out the actual denims which has a light faded shaded at and around the thigh portions. This tip also fits for the jeans, skirts or the shorts of the jeans at Forever 21 India

So with these tips it is now much more convenient to shop at the retail store where you will have wide ranges of and different collections of dresses. But don't get the wrong thing for you. Take your time and buy the right thing for you as you owes the perfect dressing in fashionable manner.

Tips to Shop For Designer Anarkali Suits

When we talk about the latest fashion trend among Indian women, Anarkali suits cannot be left over. Reason being, these anarkali suits, which are inspired from the designs of Mughal era, are perfect to be worn on different occasions and they add a distinctive attractiveness and style to your overall beauty. There are different types of anarkali suits available in the market now-a-days to let you choose a perfect one, as per the occasion. Among various types of anarkali suits, designer anarkalis are the one that steal everyone's attention at the party. These designer anarkali suits showcase a perfect mix of Indian tradition and modernism. Their unique patterns and modish designs grab one's eyes, especially teenage girls and young women.

Here are some of the useful tips that help you to shop for beautiful designer anarkali suit.

1. Type of suit: With constant innovations in the fashion world, designers have brought some significant and desirable alterations in the traditionally designed anarkali suits to provide you varied options to select from. While buying a designer Anarkalis Suits, it is important to choose the right one as per your body type. Like, if you have an apple-shaped body, go for A-line style anarkalis. If you have more or less straight body cuts, go for short-length, frock style anarkalis. You can also choose from wide varieties of stylishly designed traditional anarkalis, party-wear anarkalis, Pakistani-style anarkalis and more. At Fabindia store, you can buy a wide range of designer anarkalis in different styles.

2. Neck design: While choosing a designer anarkali suit, it is vital to give significant considerations to the neck design or cut of the neck. Reason behind this is that neck portion is the area where most of the embroidery work and heavy embellishments are done. If you have short or average height, choose V-neck pattern designer anarkalis, as it makes the neck design look longer. If your height is good enough, you can go for round-shape neck design in anarkalis.

3. Material and color: In today's time, designer anarkali suits come in a range of fabrics, like silk, cotton, brocade, net, georgette, crepe, chiffon and more. From these cloth material, you should choose the one that best suit on your personality. If you have curved body shape, you can buy anarkalis in crepe, chiffon, georgette and the like. If you have slim-type body, you can opt for designer anarkalis in silk, brocade, etc. When it comes to color, you have a range of choices from white, gold, neon to green, orange, red, maroon and pink.

4. Length of the anarkali: Buying a right length anarkali suit is important to enhance your beauty. Go for knee-length anarkalis, if your height is short; conversely, if your height is good enough, go for floor-length designer anarkalis.

5. Right flare: Anarkali suits are better recognized by their graceful and royal flare. Choosing a right flare anarkali suit is necessary to catch everyone's attention. If you have right figure body with good height, go for heavy flare anarkali suits and vice-versa.

So, shop for your style and flair of designer anarkali suits by considering these points. One of the best stores to get a range of collection in terms of price, color, design and pattern is Fabindia.

Indian Designer Lehengas will never go out of Trend

Shopping for lehenga cholis is the most exotic experience,an ardent lover of shopping can actually have. These glamorous outfits are available in shops in a wide plethora of designs,colors, and patterns. In case, a woman wants to look as well as feel like a princess coming straight of the annals of ancient Indian history all she has to do is adorn the beautiful Indian traditional attire called a lehenga. The best part of the dressy item of clothing is that it is room and airy and really comfortable. It consists of the lehenga draped at the bottom, a blouse or choli on the top and a dupatta to drape for the most luxe look possible.

Recent trends in designer lehengas

Recently the designers have begun to experiment and create new designs and patterns that have a mix of Indian as well as western culture fused into it to create the most beautiful and gorgeous designs that you can ever lay your eyes upon. The Lehengas is a tradition Rajasthani /Gujarati dresses that are preferred by women to wear on all festivals and occasions in India. Some designers have started to incorporate a number of western and international quality silhouettes and fabrics into the lehenga to create a unique look. There are some outfits that have been newly created and never been seen before in the market.

The designer boutiques

The designers have rediscovered old techniques and designs. They innovate on these designs to make the ultimate beautiful creations that are popular market wide.These have a distinct regional essence that can be manipulated in ingenious ways to create unique patterns. A popular example is a layered lehenga, which combines the net or a tissue fabric with a benarasi silk or an exquisite brocade coupled with zardozi designs to create the most sumptuous designs. Chhabra 555 Chandni Chowk is the best shop to purchase a lehenga for any occasion. The patterns styles and colors that they possess in this shop is a truly a major attraction for the crowds. These designer boutiques are the best shops to shop at. The beautiful lighting, the ambiance and the salesmen working at the shop are what pull the people to these designer boutiques.

Types of lehenga choli

Straight cut lehengas: the straight cut lehenga is the most favorite amongst the women who are getting married. This is because it suits all body types. It flows down and creates an illusionary shimmery effect to the wearer.

Paneled lehengas is a fashion of lehenga choli that is perfect for providing fall and flare to the brides. The designers can experiment with designs and colors to create the lehenga that is stitched with each other, and the panels consist different colors create a luxe look.

Mermaid lehengas: The style of mermaid lehengas is a fitted style of lehengas that is fitted at the waist and flairs out at the bottom.

Circular lehengas: This is an old style of lehenga that is heavily embroidered and consists of a lot of pleats near the waistline. Circular lehengas are available in a wide plethora of colors which make it the best choice for all brides. Visit Chhabra 555 Chandni Chowk for the best collection of lehengas available on the market.

Welcome yourself to Punjabi Bagh market in Delhi for a better shopping experience

Delhi is the capital of India. It is one of the oldest cities of India which is carrying India's glorious ancient history with itself. And if you are thinking to visit Delhi, you just can't miss the Punjabi Bagh market, one of the oldest markets of Delhi, which is situated at the west Delhi near the city Gurgaon. Previously known as Refugees colony, Punjabi Bagh was renamed in the year of 1950.

Punjabi Bagh market well known for its tailoring shops

If you once get into Punjabi Bagh market, you won't have to think of twice to go anywhere for purchasing anything you want. Perhaps there is nothing called unavailable in this market. Today it has taken the figure of one of Delhi's largest market which consist every kind of shops like from food shop to tailoring to antique shops. But this market has made an identity, particularly for its tailoring shops. There are a number of tailoring shops in the market. The area is mainly occupied by the Sikhs who migrated during the partition, and many of them have established a number of tailoring shops here. That's why men's kurta pyjamas retailers in Punjabi Bagh are famous all over Delhi.

Get over hundred types of designs

We all love to wear Punjabi kurta and pajamas which is one if the top style statements today. It is that kind of dress which is very own of our country. It represents the typical Punjabi culture of dressing and famous for its loose cutting and unique designs. Men's kurta pajamas retailers in Punjabi Bagh produces more than hundred types of designs and cuttings in their dresses. Dresses for women are also available in the market. The main advantage of the dresses is that these are quite comfortable to wear. So if you want to wear something traditional and casual, the best suit for you is kurta and pajamas.

Make kurta pajama of your own choice by ordering

A kurta with a pajama can be worn at any time of the day and for any purpose. There are a huge color varieties and designs in the kurta and pajamas to the men's kurta pajamas retailers in Punjabi Bagh for every body size. You can buy readymade kurta pajamas from there as your choice or else you can also make your own by ordering to the retailers. If you are a groom and wanting for a suit which will make you look perfect and graceful on the day of your marriage nothing can match you better than a kurta pajama of unique design. And if you are an invitee then the case is also the same for you.

Look traditional as well as casual wearing a kurta pajama

Though the origin of the dress kurta pajama is Punjab but now its popularity has spread all over India and even internationally for its unique style statement. The best thing of the kurta pajamas is that it fits every body shape and does not accentuate the body shape. The range of the kurta pajamas depends on the quality of the cloth of which they are made of. From cotton to silk to embroidered every type of kurta pyjamas are available to the men's kurta pajamas retailers in Punjabi Bagh. So come to these renowned shops and choose your own dress according to your budget and requirement.

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Best Market to Buy Designer Kurta Pyjamas in Delhi

Humans were literally born to achieve four things in their lives. The very first of these four things was a good family, and then the good food, and then the good lifestyle and finally not to forget the best apparels. Now all these were commodities, and they decided to make a living out of these too. This is the reason why so many markets came into the picture. If one has the passion for shopping, they would know that Delhi is one of the shopper's paradises, as they say, it. It has so many markets selling a variety of clothes that one can hardly imagine not visiting there. The standards of the Indian ethnics like Kurta Pyjamas are also very much commendable there. The list of the following markets would definitely confuse a person as to visit where?

Chandni Chowk:

The market of Chandni Chowk is one of the largest. One can totally expect anything on sale here. If one enters Chandni Chowk then definitely they will never return disappointed from there. The market has various ranges of bags and accessories to the apparels that one simply cannot let go off. The prices of these commodities would also manage to shock one. There are an ample amount of various stores and showrooms available in Chandni Chowk that gives people an immense opportunity of shopping. The kurta pyjamas found in Chandni Chowk definitely would never miss the attention of the onlookers. Also, no one can return from Chandni Chowk without boxes of sweets.


This is another of the famous markets that Delhi boasts of. This is situated exactly opposite to the New Delhi railway station. This market is a place where one can find everything starting from the winter and the summer wears shoes and sandals. One can find ranges of purses and bags. One can also get a variety of gadget accessories, or sunglasses being sold right at on the streets. This area apparently also sells hotel rooms as it is congested with many hotels. This area is also filled with many shops having exclusive handiworks.

Connaught Place:

This particular area is a well-organized shopping area where people would love to spend their entire day. Having various items to its glory, this area is situated right by the Rajiv Chowk metro station. It is also at a distance of a kilometre or another more from Paharganj and the New Delhi railway station. This particular area is segregated into various blocks and has a collection of high-class designer showrooms too. One can find this area extremely crowded yet beautiful in its own way.

Sarojini Market:

Only people with high bargaining skills may get interested in this market. This market is filled with shops selling a variety of products at such a range that it is mostly hard to believe that a market like this can exist. This market's speciality is such that people can get away with a price that is less than 1/3rd of what was mentioned to them when they arrived here.

With these all places available one can easily get their Kurta and pyjamas from them and enjoy the savings that they have made.

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Top Fashionable Desi Wear in India

Desi wear is always favorite among Indian women, among them, the sari is the most popular. But with modern times desi wear concept has totally changed. Now women have many options to wear as desi wear. With new designs launching each day, women have become fashion conscious. Branded stores like Global Desi also play a vital role in this by offering discounts to the buyers. Therefore, no occasion is needed to purchase a new dress for women. Here are some of the dresses which are popular desi wear of women in India.


One of the trendy and desi dress in Indian wear is equally popular among every woman. Women like to team this with churidars, leggings, or pajamas. With modern times, new designs have come up with different materials. You can see various branded house, keeping these desi dresses in their stores. Famous branded stores like Global Desi, which has avariety of collection in kurtis with different cuts. So if you like to wear kurtas then do shop from the branded stores to have new designs in your closet.


This is one of the age-old dresses, which Indian women like to wear. This dress has also changed with time. Nowadays you can see women and girls wearing various designs of suits, from Patiala suits, Anarkali suits or simply churidar suits. Each is very popular among Indian women. You can get to buy suits from local markets as well as branded stores like Global Desi. So when you go shopping for suits next time do also visit the branded stores along with local markets to get that perfectly designed desi wear for yourself.


This is also one of the modern desi wear worn by Indian women. You can wear it in many ways you like. You can team it up with leggings, formal trousers, and also with jeggings to complete your look. You can buy these fashionable tunics at different branded outlets including Global Desi. These fashionable tunics come at very affordable rates, and also, you can get discounts if you are buying through online.


Women love to wear saris every time. Be it in any occasion saris are always favorite among women. It is kind of dress which can be worn by every age of women; you can wear it as you like in any way. With modern times designs of saris have also changed in colors, designs. You can get to buy designer saris at branded outlets and designer showrooms. The price varies according to design and work done on it.


Skirts are also very popular among Indian women; you can wear skirts in various forms. You can wear full-length skirts, ghagra skirts, Santana skirts and many others. With each passing day, new designs are coming in. If you are looking for new designs in skirts, go to branded stores like Global Desi as they have a wide range of collections every time you visit to the shop.

Remember these desi wear in your mind when you go shopping next time for yourself.

Leather jackets to light up your life

Jackets and blazers are used and worn by many people who want to look good and fabulous. And when the winter comes calling, we always have to select the best jackets and blazers that we can get our hands upon. That's the reason why people always get pumped up for the winter season. Winter provides us the chance to check out all fashionable things that are on offer.

Winter means style

The whole winter gives us an opportunity to flaunt our style in the most specific and prolific way. It is in our genes to always go for clothes that are trendy and compatible with the world surrounding us. We always like to wear jackets that are not only cool but which can actually do its core work—that is to keep us warm during bikes rides and chilly winter climate.

This is where we can easily opt for leather jackets. Leather jackets are absolutely exclusive and exquisite. We can easily wear them anywhere and make a bold statement.

Leather jackets can be used everywhere

There are several reasons why we can opt for leather jackets. The leather jacket makes a person a rock star and a movie star. One can easily opt for leather jacket thanks to its versatility and style. For example, leather jackets are worn by people who are confident, famous and stylish. Many famous personalities also opt for the leather jackets as in them they look uber cool!

Leather jackets are quite commonly worn by people of all classes and statures. It does not matter whether you are a college going boy or a girl, or even a working professional, you can rock your wardrobe by using a leather jacket in the winter. Apart from that, you can also go for leather jackets because of the comfort it provides to the user. Jackets that are made from leather can keep you warm in the most prolific way. They also come with various pockets and designs, in order to suit all types of tastes.

Leather jackets come in various prices and shades

Leather jackets can come in various shades and colours. Mostly, pure leather jackets come in leather type colours like brown, golden brown, light brown, black and even golden, etc. They are generally worn by people who want to depict style and glamour. Apart from that, one also buys a leather jacket if he is a biker. As bikes and leather, jackets go hand in hand.

The prices of leather jackets vary from a couple of thousand rupees to ten thousands of rupees. For instance, you can get a very economical, yet exquisite, black leather jacket for men from stores like Being Human.

At Being Human stores you can easily get tons of leather jacket options. All you have to do is check out the style and the size, select your design and go for the hunky masculine look with the leather jacket.

So what are you waiting for? Go, be a man by selecting the best leather jacket that you can get!
Women's Shirts and Tops

Let me just break the ice right away instead of beating around the bush, if you are looking to buy a gorgeous women's Shirts and Tops, you have just got to check out the collection of Zara in Delhi. One look at these saucy little numbers will melt you to your core. You have probably seen a lot of tops, so, you are, perhaps, wondering if I am being just too dramatic. Well, you are familiar with floral prints, right? How about a Jacquard print top? Or maybe a studio top or a Poplin shirt. These are just a few of the many different kinds of women's shirts and tops they have in store for you. Perfectly wonderful, astounding cuts and brilliant designs. I particularly love their cropped top with floral print, although I feel guilty to mention just one. Every item in the women's shirt and the top catalogue is just breathtaking.

A Top

Technically, a top is a garment that is supposed to cover the chest, but in practice tops cover the entire area between the neck and the waistline. There are no set rules for where the bottom of a top should end. Some tops end at mid torso, right under the bust, while others may extend all the way to the thighs.

In Zara Delhi, you will find all the varieties, including the denim top, crochet top and also romantic top with lace trim.

Casual and Formal

You can wear a casual, flirty top to a friend's gathering, at home and while going out to the nearby grocery store. There are also formal tops which allow you free movement which your Indian traditional clothes don't. This enables you to work more efficiently in an office and at the same time displays style and power through your appearance. Since women are now an essential part of the, previously male-dominated, corporate world, it is only fair that they exhibit similar prowess with their male counterparts.

Responsible and Sensible

Zara uses the finest fabrics of ecological fabrics to make blends of international designs and styles with their own unique vision, utilizing the most trendy cuts and brilliant craftsmanship. Flawless quality and modern trends are what every woman of the modern society depend on. Zara Delhi has a sterling reputation as they provide those essential qualities of clothing, including the collection of fashionable tops for women. Apart from quality, the vision that goes into their every product is just spellbinding.


Pick out any shirt or top from Zara Delhi and rest assured of its quality as Zara's business model is based on the customers. Their garments are designed keeping in mind the taste of the modern buyer and they carry out sales through multiple retail units. Their stores are eco-friendly and are very aware of the environment. Zara uses organic cotton to craft their lovely products. Zara strives to be a part of logical and long-term development of society. Their commitment is instilled in all their staff. Visit Zara Delhi to experience beauty like never before.

The wedding is an event which is never to -be-repeated.So, you should never ever negotiate with the quality of the wedding dress. Here, in that case, one question may take place. Is it the bride only whose wedding dress needs special attention– and what about the groom's one? No, this not at all the bride's day only. Groom deserves equal attention in this issue of proper dressing to make the big day remarkable.Selecting the right wedding dress must make you think about a grand designer wedding Sherwani. Sherwani is without any doubt the very first choice for a fashionable yet traditional look.Therefore, to find an excellent and exclusive sherwani with heavy embroidery works and outstanding embellishment, Manyavar would be a very wise choice.

What to look for?

There are different modern styles available in designer Sherwanis in Manyavar.For wedding purpose, the long cut achkan style is probably the best choice. This longer style Sherwani buttoned up to the height of collar adds sophistication and charm to the dress. One can team up this Sherwani along with Churidar Pajamaor Salwar Pant; though Churidar Pajama goes best with it. But the style of the Sherwani is not the only fact you need to look for. But there are some other very important facts one must take care of before picking the final one.

  • Ideal Colour

An ideal choice of colours matters a lot and mostly when it is the wedding day. The first thing, one need to consider is how it would go with the shade of the bride's lehenga or sari while picking a shade of Sherwani. It might seem a bit difficult to choose something which meets your expectation, suits your body type, complexion and most importantly goes well with your partner's outfit.

  • Appropriate Designs

When you are buying a wedding sherwani you must be selective on designs, prints and embellishments as these are the things which play akey role to make you look excellent on the wedding day. A dark-shaded Sherwani with small prints or embroideries with subtle embellishment would go better for a little overweight groom whereas for slim grooms light-colored Sherwanis with rich embroidery and heavy embellishments would go best.

  • Perfect Fitting

Perfect fitting is unquestionably a must requirement for men while buying wedding Sherwani. It is sure that no one would like to spoil their most special event due to ill-fitted clothes. Just avoid such imperfectly stitched Sherwanis and pick and choose the most fitting Sherwani anticipating your body type. A perfectly fitted outfit not only gives you an elegant look but makes you feel easy and comfortable to live the event joyfully.

  • Visual Attraction

After all these technical things, it is important to give attention to the visual attraction of your wedding Sherwani. You should keep in mind that it's your wedding, so, you need something different. Something which is actually eye-grabbing and makes you look majestic would be the choice for the day.

In last words, we can suggest for most up to date Sherwani trends in Karol Bagh you must visit Manyavar.

Girls fashion dresses, tops, and jeans in Rajouri garden

With so many developments in the field of fashion all over the world ideally pinpointing which fashion trend women prefer is difficult.There are a plethora of pretty Skirts, Dresses, tube Tops, Jeans and crop tops for modern girls to choose from. However, the essence lies in how you carry yourself off in these dresses. A girl can look a chick in a floral dress as well as elegant in a pair of faded jeans and a tee-shirt.The ability to carry yourself well where in the difference lies.

Modern designs in dresses, tops and jeans

Incense Delhi is the most famous modern wear shop in Delhi.The collection you get here is truly magnificent and will blow your mind if you are a lover of modern wear.Nowadays the fashion of printed tops, floral dresses, basic colored peplum tops as well as crop tops are in fashion.Those who love to wear backless tops and halter necks are having a blast with the new pastel colored range of tops that are available in the market today.Girls have started to adorn flowy trousers and romper and dungaree designs, thus bringing back the 70's clothing back into fashion.Finding the best quality clothes in the color combination of your choice is truly a difficult task.

Fabrics and patterns used

Mostly fashion trends these days consist of short and long one piece. These not only suit the ladies but bring out the most feminine qualities in them. Jumpsuits and skirts have been trending for a while amongst girls of a young age.The preferred color for crop tops is black, and you are sure to find the best designs in Incense Delhi. They use crepe and satin to create beautiful translucent dresses that are comfortable for the summers.They are not only ideally suited for the modern young professional of today who prefers chic and comfortable clothing to expensive and cumbersome clothing.

Necklines and colors

Dresses are available for sale in various designs, some of these are maxis, gowns, and one piece dresses. Elegant tunics and tops are in popular demand. Jeggings are somewhat difficult to find in your size, but it is a popular choice amongst women.Halter neck patterns, with blue-black shaded prints, blue maxi dresses with silver halter necklines are beautiful and sure to suit you elegantly.To achieve a trendy look and to turn heads and make you the star attraction at the party make sure to adorn the most suitable designs on the market today.

Quality clothing at Affordable prices

It is imperative that you dress well and according to the most modern trends in the market today. This will ensure that you look like the princess at any party.The main aim is to buy trendy clothing at affordable prices.If you are a young girl or middle aged women selecting the best dress or denim for yourself can help raise your self-esteem as well as give you an unparallel look. Having a pair of denims in your wardrobe is always a beneficial idea.That way you can be prepared for any situation.

Choosing the best bridal wear

Most girls plan the day of their wedding from their childhood. They have a lot of plans set, but their wedding apparel is the most important among them. It takes a lot of effort to choose the perfect wedding apparel. You have so many options to choose from that often you are confused and irritated at the end. It is also not possible to visit too many shops as the distance between them needs to be covered. The best option for brides who want to understand their options before choosing their outfit is to visit Sarojini Nagar. This is because there are hundreds of shops all around the place that offers thousands of types of wedding apparel to choose from.

How to choose the best apparels for your special day?

There are certain steps if followed properly can help you to choose the perfect ensemble for your wedding. The first is to decide what you would be most comfortable in wearing. You can choose from a series of often. As of now the most common eastern apparel is a sari. You can opt to wear a sari for your wedding ceremony. Another common option is a lehenga. Many ladies opt for lehengas as well as they are easier to carry off than sarees. Some brides opt to go for a more subdued look with an Anarkali. Eastern gowns too have gained a lot of popularity of late.

Choosing the best option

You might not be able to decide what would be best for you unless you try on the dresses. The shops at Sarojini Nagar will help you to decide on what would be best for you as they let you try on the different options. The staff in these shops are very friendly and will help you to choose the perfect type of dress for yourself. Your body shape plays an important role in this as well. It is not always possible to understand what would be best for us. By taking the guidance of the personnel at these shops then you can easily find out what would be best for you.

Choosing the correct material and design

Once you have chosen the perfect type of apparel, you need to decide what material you want it in. Most wedding apparel comes in satin or silk with a cotton lining. But you can choose from other types of materials as well. You need to consider the climatic condition is prevailing during the time you get married. This is important as the material should be appropriate for the weather as well. The design should be kept in mind as well. But the most important thing to consider is a comfort. You should choose the outfit that you are most comfortable in.

There are so many options to choose from that it can get very confusing. It is best to have someone with you who knows you style and can help you to decide what will be best for you, as well as suit your budget.

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Women Fashion in India 2016 – Latest Dressing Trends

Fashion is a highly dynamic industry, probably the fastest paced among all its contemporaries when it comes to change and growth. What is fashionable in a particular month might be considered dull and mundane in a couple of weeks. To stay connected with the fashion industry and be up-to-date with the various trends that gain popularity every month, it is imperative to follow the right kind of fashion blogs, posts, events and forums. In this article, we examine the different styles of clothing that have taken the fashion industry by storm in the year 2016.

High-waisted shorts:

2015 witnessed the exponential rise in popularity and purchase of high-waisted jeans, particularly among women. Some of the best casual looks of the year involved high waisted jeans in suave blue shades as well as jet black colors. However, in 2016, we observe this trend have diminished in popularity among those that run and dictate the run-of-the-mill changes in the fashion industry. In 2016, we observe that high-waisted shorts are replacing high-waisted jeans as the leading fashionable article of clothing in the casual category. These are often combined with subtle crop-tops that add to the effect of and accentuate the stylish high waisted shorts. Lee has an excellent collection of these at present.


Peplum Dresses:

The fashion industry and leading fashion experts often derive inspiration from Bollywood stars and starlets. An example of such film industry influenced attire is the peplum dress, a dress that is almost impossible to take your eyes off if procured in the right body type and shade. The peplum dress accentuates curvy bodies in a sensual manner and is essentially body hugging. However, the pleated waist and straight descent give off an elegant vibe to the wearer, dispelling the raucous aura surrounding body hugging clothes. Some of the best peplum dresses in the market can be found at stores such as Forever 21, Lee, etc.

Winter party outfits:

Party outfits are traditionally considered to be short, flashy and with a lot of bling. However, come 2016, the fashion industry has seemed to shrug off this perception entirely. One of the most fashionable party outfits this year is winter collections. Be it the chic long coats or elegant fur, parties now have fashionable women sporting winter outfits at every nook and cranny. Smart and sexy winter party outfits are on display at stores such as Mango, Zara, Lee, etc.

Halter Necks:

Halter necks are used in making dresses, gowns as well as trendy tops in leading fashion collections across the world. The best part about these necks is that they convert the most beautiful dresses into all-body type clothes that can be worn by absolutely anyone and everyone. Most leading fashion stores in the country such as Lee, Forever 21 and Mango have dresses and tops in halter necks at reasonable prices. Pull for the ultimate casual look and look ravishing while doing it when you play host to halter necks.

Top Shops for Formal Trousers and Shirts for Women

You need formal Trousers and Shirts when you enter the corporate world and want to make your presence noticed among intellectuals. Vero Moda is such a brand name that helps you to make a mark for yourself. Vero Moda understands what a woman actually needs and tries to create apparels following the body shapes and satisfaction of modern women. Here is a list of some other brands apart from Vero Moda that is also making into the fashion world producing merchandise for a corporate look.

Van Heusen

You will get shirts of your choice. You can choose from the shirt type that suits you. There are varieties like Aura, Diana, and Venus. If you are not sure which type to choose, then you can give your body measurements and the shirt type which will suit you would be displayed. So making an order for your corporate look is as easy as that. Just select your favorite ones and place an order. Your merchandise would be delivered at your doorstep at the earliest time possible.


It is a popular retail chain that has outlets all over the country. It is not a problem to find a Pantaloons Store in any metro cities. You will find your favorite brands of trousers from Annabelle, Izabel London, SF Jeans, Alto Moda, Candies New York and many others. As for formal shirts, there are brands like bare denims and Honey that are available in Pantaloons Stores.

Allen Solly

This is yet another popular brand name manufacturing women attires along with men's clothing. You will find Allen Solly showrooms in any metro cities or in any shopping malls. There are variant colors available for shirts and trousers that match your personality. Each and every product is very closely knit to give a perfect shape to all the apparels, be it for women, men or kids. Products are available at affordable prices so that you don't have to leave out any options because of the price tag. You can take whatever you want at reasonable prices. The fabrics used are also of a very high quality that ensures you all the comfort that you need together with style and grace.


Like Vero Moda, Arrow is yet another popular brand dealing with Women's apparels. You will get all kinds of formal shirts, Trousers and Jeans of your choice. It is a popular brand of PVH (Philips Van Heusen) company that owns other brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John, and Calvin Klein to name a few. It established in 1881 and since then this company has been in the news for manufacturing the best clothing of the world doing business almost everywhere. If you can't find any stores of Arrow, you can always go the other way and place an order online. Pay by cards or pay once the products reach your doorstep.

High Quality Wedding Sherwanis for Men

High quality designer sherwani is considered to be one of the most popular outfits for men. It has achieved the rank of being the best attire to put on auspicious occasions like weddings and festivals. In the Indian subcontinent, people celebrate wedding occasions with grandeur. As this ceremony comes only once in whole life, it is celebrated with pomp and joy.

Designer Sherwani – Perfect Choice for Wedding Occasions

Each and every grand occasion demands special outfits. As wedding is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions, people desire to celebrate the sane by putting on lovely outfits.Designer Manyavar sherwani is a perfect match to be worn on the wedding eve. Basically, it is a traditional ethnic wear which is tailored in the form of long coat.

It is worn over designer kurta pajama. For getting stunning looks, it is highly recommended to wear Nagra shoes along with a colorful stole. In order to cater to the rising demands of the market, they are available in a plethora of shades and designs. There has been a drastic change in the trends of fashion.

Introduction of New Collections – To Meet Present Demands

Each and every day, new collections are getting introduced to the surface of the market for satisfying the ever increasing demands of customers. Such changing trends have transformed the designing of traditional outfits. Designer sherwani is no exception to this. The artists are employing new innovative techniques for offering awesome motifs to their collections.

In the previous days, conventional colors were used to craft these attires. But presently, the preferences of buyers have really changed to a drastic level. It has really become difficult to understand the preferences of the buyers as they desire such outfits that will offer them amazing looks. Present day artists are using variable color combinations at the time of designing creations.

Multi Tone Patterns – Catering Demands of Buyers

Collections are offered in multi tone patterns for the purpose of catering to the demands of the buyers. Additionally, designer wedding sherwani also comprises of heavy artwork of embroidery. They are basically comprised of handmade designs in which artists use decorative items like beads, stones and sequins for creating motifs along the length and breadth of fabric.

Such handmade motifs play a very crucial role in the designing of such collections. Wide collection of Manyavar sherwanis is now readily available in a wide array of patterns, shades, compositions and motifs. Leading brands are nowadays offering their collections in comfy fabric to offer full comfort to the wearer.

Dress Materials for Sherwanis

Linen is the most popular category that is widely used. It is a perfect clothing material that offers full comfort after being put up. Another very comfortable fabric includes the silk, which holds the ability to withstand heavy artwork of embroidery. For a wedding sherwani, the bride can also be consulted to find out the color she is planning to wear.

Dressing up the bride as well as the groom in the same color not only gives a good look but also creates the impression that they must have bonded well before the marriage for planning their purchases.
Stylish plus size shirts and tops

Fashion, in regards to the size of clothing, can very well be a sensitive topic as it is a direct link to the body size and shape of the woman who wears those clothes. Whatever the body size be, a woman always wishes to wear stylish and beautiful clothes. The brands that thrive on increasing the male appeal of the average or less than average size women have realized this and are making magnificent dresses for plus size women. Gone are the days of not finding a good dress that fits. Visit Forever 21 Delhi for instance.

Ignored No More

A major difficulty that women have faced long enough is the insecurity of being ignored or overlooked by brands. Not anymore, though. In this day and age, the customers of more than average size clothes will find their options are very wide ranged, as much as, if not more than, the average sized clothes shoppers. Check out the catalogue of Forever 21, you will find the most wonderful Shirts and Tops there irrespective of your size, or the volume of your curves. They have made fashion accessible to everyone.

Forever 21 Delhi offers tops in beautiful pastel shades, flowy tunic tops, some with stylish asymmetric hemlines. Also, you could choose from some tops with abstract prints on them, or a lace-up crepe top, or perhaps a strappy top. There is also this beautiful beaded lace top which brings out your casual, playful side. How could I forget the cutout back chiffon top, it simply takes one's breath away? All these and many more clothes in the plus size category of Forever 21 Delhi makes it the right place for women on the curvier side of the body size spectrum to shop from. These tops are so very amazing that you might make it into a teenage dream. There is an enormous palette of colours and hues to choose from.

Present what you want to Represent

Plus size women are often the curvy women, and it is no secret that men fancy women with curves. However, I put it, and, however, unpleasant it may seem to say this out loud, but in today's world, we all are a bunch of superficial hypocrites to some extent. If you don't look good, u doesn't succeed even if you are immensely talented. If you don't dress good, you will not have men showing interest in you. Plus size girls have the advantage of curves on your side, but do dress up fabulously. We have heard women getting depressed because they think they are not getting dates because they are a tad on the bigger side. This is not true; it is and always has been about the packaging. For example, look at Aretha Franklin. She was a big lady during her youth, but when she would sing, people's minds blew, and everybody wanted to party with her. It's the presentation, the whole package. Visit Forever 21 Delhi today to get yourself some stylish plus size shirts and tops.
Designer Sarees - Latest Designer Sarees in Karol Bagh

The beauty of the Indian women can be best defined in traditional or ethnic outfits like saree. Saree is a graceful symbol of Indian culture and plays a prominent role in enhancing the elegance and style of the Indian women. Also, it is considered as the perfect attire for different functions as well as for regular wear. The variety of sarees depends on their fabric type, design, and patterns. Among a vast range, the designer collection of sarees is the latest fad with a number of fashion designers offering their exclusive collection of Sarees in unique designs, appealing colors and style patterns.

Designer sarees are offered in the market in a varied selection of fabrics, out of which, Silk, Georgette, Chiffon, Cotton, Velvet and Net sarees are the preferred choices of most of the designers. Designer sarees made from these fabrics look fascinating and let you stand apart for any party, festival or other celebration. Also, these designer sarees display a perfect piece of art on account of their thread work, embroidery, bead work, Resham work, and other intricate handmade work.

If you are shopping at Karol Bagh, Delhi, and looking for some quality-made designer sarees for party or other occasions, here are some of the best-known shops in the area.

1. Mannat Fashions: This is a well-known shop in Karol Bagh for its amazing designer saree collection. At the store, you will get latest fashion sarees with heavy embellishments that are perfect for special occasions. Designer sarees at the store have a silk touch that give stylish as well as traditional feel. Also, the designs of these sarees are finely and densely adorned with semi-precious stones and thread work and have motif printing.

2. Bombay Selections: The store is famous for offering designer party wear sarees. At Bombay Selections, you can shop for Georgette sarees, embellished with stone, zari, but and shimmer work; net pattern sarees with beaded work and brocade patches; velvet sarees with heavy lace borders and buttons in golden; and chiffon sarees with Resham embroidery and floral prints. Even, you can shop for faux georgette sarees or crepe sarees with ajacquard pattern from Bombay Selections to enhance your beautiful look.

3. Chhabra 555: From this renowned store, you can buy designer sarees with lots of Swarovski work. The store has a very selective range of trendy designer sarees that come in Georgette, Chiffon, and Net fabric designs. Moreover, their exclusive collection encompasses both light-weight as well as heavy embellishment sarees.

4. Vidhya Selection: You cannot hold yourself to buy the captivating collection of designer sarees from this shop while passing through the streets of Karol Bagh. The sarees available at the store are the perfect display of glamor and panache. Handloom sarees are the specialty of this store, reflecting quality and grace.

5. Aman Saree Center: It is a wholesale store of sarees of all types and designs. At this outlet, you will get beautiful designer sarees, fabricated with beads, sequins, and embroidery on borders and pallu.

So, buy some of the best designer sarees from these popular stores at Karol Bagh.
Where to Buy Wedding Lehengas at Chandni Chowk

Wedding season is up again! The most common question, women or females ask during this season is – where to buy beautiful and latest design wedding lehengas? There are several places from where you can buy wedding Lehengas, but Delhi is the preferred choice for every bride. The reason is that in Delhi, you will get wide varieties of wedding lehengas not only in latest designs but also at reasonable prices. In Delhi, Chandni Chowk is the first choice to shop for every style of cloth, be it wedding outfit, party dresses or casual outfits. You can buy wide varieties of Sarees, Lehengas, Indo-western outfits, Anarkali suits, and several other types of outfits in an assortment of styles, colors, designs and patterns in this area.

Here are some of the shops from where you can buy amazingly designed wedding lehengas.

1. Asiana Couture: This store is housed in the heart of Chandni Chowk. Although, it is a newly established store in the area but has gained wide recognition because of its bridal collection. In fact, the store is the best-kept secret of every fashion enthusiast in Delhi. The range of wedding lehengas at the store starts from 40K, which makes it bit pricey among the common masses. Besides wedding lehengas, Asiana Couture is also popular for its exclusive collection of floor-length Anarkali with jackets, creating a pleasing style statement.

2. Sunehree: This store in Chandni Chowk is famous for its affordable range of wedding lehengas. At this store, you will get bridal lehengas in astonishing color shades, like shaded peach and coral. At this store, you will find lehengas in 30 to 40k range that usually come at extremely high prices.

3. Om Prakash Jawahar Lal: As compared to other shops in Chandni Chowk, this shop has some classy and out-of-the-ordinary collection of bridal lehengas. Their starting range of lehengas is 40-45K and goes up to 5 Lakhs. At this store, you will get heavy and gaudy outfits at much lesser price than the high-end stores and boutiques. Here, you can shop for densely embroidered and embellished wedding lehengas to light-weight yet stylish lehengas for sangeet and mehndi functions.

4. Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam: This shop is known in Chandni Chowk for affordable lehengas for awedding and other functions. It has a wide collection of designer lehengas of different price ranges. The shop is also popular for providing custom-fit lehengas.

5. Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala: This shop in Chandni chowk area is popular for bridal lehengas in assorted varieties, from color to designs. At this shop, you will find lehengas in traditional designs as well in modish patterns. The price range of lehengas at this store starts from 30k.

6. Ram Kishan Sarees: The store offers a wide collection of wedding outfits with bridal lehengas for every type of women. Here, you will get best design lehengas, starting from 40k. Also, here you will find lehengas with a designer touch of Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

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